The Family on Netflix

Here are a few Facebook posts I’ve written since watching a few episodes of The Family. This is sinister, and more people need to care about this.


In addition to childhood trauma, there is religious trauma too. The therapy I’m in addresses this. And I think it’s also a factor in narcissism, and also the trauma of my experience with trying to write myself out of the story (bc I’m a woman and I’m not here for my story but to serve men, or any master over me).
I’m finally watching “The Family” on Netflix (late to the party, I know) and listening to these men in the “brotherhood” talk about good guys and bad guys in the Bible. The Brotherhood is an invisible organization in Arlington, Va with tons of political power. no one knew about this bc discretion is of utmost importance (nothing good happens behind closed doors that affects other people).
What stands out to me before the horrid theology I am about to hear is the question: who are the good guys and the bad guys? There is this sorting that always happens with fundamentalism. This is how they can justify the unjustifiable. I’m going to talk about a section in Bob Goffs book – Love Does, who is a member of The Family, in another post. It’s surreal.
Ok, now to the horrid theology. The men start naming “good guys”, and David gets brought up. The leader mentions all the terrible things David did, but God likes this guy. He asks them why. The answer: He’s chosen. This is where it gets worse. He then asks the question: what if you raped 3 little girls, what do you think I’d think of you?
Brother: that I’m a terrible person
Leader: No, I’m not here to judge you. You know why I’m here?
Another brother: Jesus
Leader: yes
The guy being interviewed realizes in this disturbing moment they believe some people are more chosen than others, and if you’re chosen, doesn’t matter what you do. This is how Trump got justified.

Friends, this is why I’m writing about our need for a better education. Also, why it’s important to me to address the story of Judas in a different light. These men knew little about the Bible and are making Jesus everything he was not. This is dangerous. This is why I’m saying we do need to set boundaries and protect the sheep.

There’s a sisterhood too. Solely set up to serve the men, and the women believe that’s their purpose. Another reason I’m saying this cycle ends with me. I’m not going to be silent at least. It’s the slow work of God. And God cares about this. This is why it’s being revealed.

8-2-20 second post

Ok, for the Bob Goff post that I said I was going to do separately from my previous post. The reason I’m sharing this is for a purpose. My pastor’s sermon this morning was really good (as always). I highly recommend everyone go listen-member or not. He makes some strong points that are so important—one being: we don’t have a supply problem; we have a distribution problem. This connects to what I’m writing about regarding The Family.
The Family sounds like a bunch of Calvinists. They probably are, and I can’t emphasize theology matters enough. What I learned in seminary about Calvinism that troubles most is the double predestination theology. Some people are condemned to Hell-no matter what; and others are chosen, no matter what. You’d think with this philosophy they’d do nothing and just see what happens in the end since nothing they do matters. But instead, it makes them more vigilant.
Now we have an “us vs them”, and political authorities are subject to God (their idea of God, I should say). Hence why we are seeing this scary theocracy trying to take over our lives with no empathy for those who lose. Trump can get away with his immorality bc chosen is chosen. The Family is driving this. They are targeting powerful people. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma is specifically named in the first episode. I see more names coming.
This theology is hateful. And it’s about power. They made Jesus some kind of warrior mascot, and how one ethically acts does not matter. They are focused on power and not the poor. That’s not the way of Jesus.
George’s sermon is a much better version of Jesus. And one that will get everyone cared for if we will love our neighbor as Jesus commanded.

Now for Bob. Below is an excerpt from his book Love Does talking to Doug Coe, associate director of the Fellowship. Notice he says “bad guys”. The rest sounds ok except when you consider what the point DL Mayfield makes that is spot on about how Love Does benefits from this exploitation.

So weird to look at the screen shots of DL Mayfield’s wisdom. And I’m writing exactly, almost to the day (off by one day), a year later about this.


The Family: This documentary is quite scary bc it’s actually happening. This is not a conspiracy theory bc it is actually happening.
Their theology of David makes me sick. Their theology is so bad, my one year of seminary can run circles around them. And that’s not arrogance. It would be like a doctor in med school who is learning how to care and treat people justly and compassionately watch a bunch of untrained docs using only a portion of the medical training and saying this is how it’s done. And the portion they picked is so out-of-context and poorly understood people will die bc of it. It’s that serious.
This theology got on our school boards too. Betsy DeVos is linked with Donald Miller too. Funded his movie Blue Like Jazz, and he endorsed her. This is how someone found their connection. He’s also good friends with Bob Goff. All of this matters.
There are so many names mentioned in the Family. All of our political leaders greatly influenced by Doug Coe, who said he was invisible and this org was a non-org. This is the most powerful non-org I’ve ever seen. 🙄 Now look at what’s happening to education. One minute called liars by our Pres, and then forced to open those gov-rum schools bc mom and sad have to work. Also, poor people need to be fed. While rich people run to private schools or homeschool- the burden of social inequality has been placed on public schools, and they aren’t one bit funded to take it all on.
Women, the Family’s theology on David is why rape and affairs don’t matter – even though in the same breath they say “Family values”. Of course, values according to them. But chosen is chosen if you are Reagan, Trump, or Bush. Clinton’s affair mattered bc he’s not chosen apparently. By the way, it does matter. All of it does.
They also believe if you are poor, you are chosen to be poor.
I can keep going.
This narrative needs to be cancelled. One of my fave theologians asked this: Is the Bible cancel culture?
I think in some ways, yes. Not canceling the person, but the power and principality that enslaves both the oppressed and the oppressor.

PS Oklahoma is super linked to the family. Tom Coburn and Bill inhoffe are both mentioned, explicitly. Bill Inhoffe also insider-traded before Covid-19 shut down. Wasn’t held accountable either.

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