Washington D.C. After Thoughts

I am including our statements we made when repenting for the sins of our nation.  These are powerful. 

img_2687The other day on Facebook I posted this:

Want to hear a story about me and Donald Trump? We don’t know each other, but it feels like our lives have these intersections where we meet, and I think to myself; “that’s not business” (when I worked in business) and “that’s not Christian behavior” (when I realize even my christian world isn’t what I thought it was).
This is going to be condensed. I am fleshing this out in a blog post. It’s not lost on me I got to go to DC during his term as President (hopefully one and only)-and counter his rhetoric.
Years ago, I watched a show called “The Apprentice”. The concept was interesting to me as I had just started working in the business world. Also, I was never deceived that Trump was a good businessman. I knew he was bankrupt most of the time-so it made me more curious. I was feeling like I was lousy at work, so I wanted to know what this guy did that was so great- even though he pretty much loses all the time.
Turns out I was right. The show wasn’t about business. This was him getting out of debt. The misogyny was fierce. He let go of one of his sidekicks to put in his children. I looked into it – it wreaked of something wrong. This show was flat-out to get him and his bank out of trouble, and gain a competitive advantage for his empire (that is actually fake) with the show. He has branded his name.
By season 3, I could not take his arrogance (which now I know is narcissism-which gets worse with more power). It was clear the show was going towards celebrities verses training future business people. I turned off the show, and thank God he’s now out of my life.

But, here comes Obama’s presidency, and Trump won’t shut up. I thought he was a joke, and no one would take this seriously. Then next thing I know he’s running for president and heralded “appointed by God”–lifted up as a Christian, even though everything he said was the opposite of Christianity.

So here I am again thinking – I don’t know business, and I don’t know Christianity. Or we see it very differently-and these aren’t agree to disagree moments.

I know Trump hasn’t felt love from his parents. I weep for that. It’s done so much harm to him, and I hope someday-on this side of Heaven-he can feel what real love is. But he will still need to face the consequences of those he hurt too. Love does that.

I wrote this because I recently wrote a post for my church about my D.C. trip New Life in Washington D.C. I was always excited to go to DC. Who wouldn’t want a trip like this?! But I was disappointed I was going to DC with the current president in office. This has nothing to do with political parties; it has everything to do with valuing human lives. Now I am discovering there is a lot I did not see before this moment. And after writing the earlier post, I realized Donald Trump has affected my life in ways I never really thought about.

My life and Donald Trump’s life keep intersecting in every life change I have made since becoming an adult (business and now my spiritual transformation). It is kind of weird when I think about it. And now I am in D.C. while he is the President-not an accident. I get to counter his story with a better story. This is significant. Here’s why:

When he was elected, I fell apart. My personal life had fallen apart too, and I just wasn’t sure what to do with humanity anymore. Rob Bell to the rescue. The first podcast I listened to he was explaining the power of a narrative. He said we can complain about everything that is wrong, but we will just be making more noise. He said, “Tell a better story.” That was powerful to me. He then told me Jesus’s story as a counter-narrative to Caesar.

Now I am getting to do this with Trump. By the way, never thought I would be doing this with Baptists. It just occurred to me- I am also countering a bad Baptist story too. I was in DC with Baptists, and Trump is president, and we are repenting for the sins of our nation. Chills.

I am learning what it really means to be Baptist. It is a good thing. I have only been a Baptist for a little over a year, and now I am going to seminary to train to be a Baptist minister. And Baptist was the last denomination on my mind when I left home. I am kind of in shock that listening to podcasts, reading books, and talking to pastors on Twitter were actually leading me somewhere beyond just my own personal healing. I get to be a part of a better story all around. Here is a bit of my faith journey to a Baptist Church, if interested: My Road To Emmaus

More on what went on Washington DC in another post.

Also, I want to note this observation, it makes sense that Trump would intersect with my business and spiritual world. Many of our churches (white church to be more specific) have been discipling people by the way of capitalism, and not the way of Jesus. This is a truth we must face. Many businesses must face the music too. In my short time in oil and gas, we were told how to vote. Misogyny was blatant, and profits were put over people. (Church and business)




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