Abuse is no way to lead

I woke up today feeling the best I’ve felt in a while. Not sure if it’s just a glimpse of class last night, a quick vacay before school starts ahead, or just admitting clearly I’ve been struggling.
The depression has been many things: gymnastics relived (Athlete A), soccer- every time I’m triggered these memories come back vividly (we are doing EMDR therapy for this), and having a leader like, Trump, Abbott, Paxton, Patrick (I can keep going). They are unkind, and represent all the abuse I’ve received my whole life. Listening to Trump recently, on the Daily, listening to scientists about the process of creating a vaccine, and he’s like: Hurry up. Better yet, I’m taking this to the private sector and see what happens.
I’m all for different ways of doing things, but not at the hands of an abuser who has zero idea what he’s doing, and neither does his admin. He didn’t pick them based on qualifications and talent. It’s who pays him and will never question him.
Now I know why I couldn’t make it in oil and gas. I don’t work that way. And abusers don’t motivate me, they take me out. Trump represents the abuse so many of us have suffered. It seems like a satire, but he’s revealing it. We haven’t been united. We were comfortable with the silent terror.
Speaking of abusers-Ted Cruz. I saw a glimpse of him in a Fox News interview. He said: if these guys win. We are going to wake up with Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary.
Tell me more good news, Cruz. I like it.

Warren’s story with banks sounds so much like my awakening with church. Warren used to be Republican, until she saw the corruption in the banking system. Her whole world changed, and the journey is eerily similar to mine, but in politics instead of church.

So, I’m just saying, Cruz thought he was giving a warning- and I say: let the party begin.

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