Evening lament

I am really tired. Which means it is time to stop. I just saw some ignorant things our state and local government are doing, and I grieve. What our governor and the Dallas Mayor are doing leaves me at a loss. No amount of human suffering of people they disagree with will wake them to the reality that our system is racist and oppressive. Instead, our governor is passing legislation based on QAnon information. When we take action on false information, we hurt victims more. There was a false article in Georgia that reported a human trafficking ring being broken up by the government. It isn’t true. I am listening to sex trafficking survivors waving the red flags on QAnon and the GOP.
Then Evangelical Christian journalism. I am not going to talk about the human suffering that has come out of reporting on something that was none of their business, and created more pain. All I will say is it reminds me of when RHE died and journalists still went after her theology within days of her death. Evangelicalism is so incredibly cruel. It is amazing I am still Christian. It truly is because God met me in the wilderness and was the bottom that held when I sunk.
I say this and I 100% support responsible journalism. They are the gatekeepers to truth. It just sucks when they are working for Mammon, too. And theological purity is part of their agenda.
In one of my classes I will have to write a paper. A big one. I have been informed to write thinking about God first. When I hear this, I don’t have the normal reaction that is expected of a Christian. And I 100% love God with all of my heart, but I feel God in my heart saying – I need people to see my children, and the Earth. Time to enter reality. We devalue human experience for those we can’t see, and that is strange coming from a faith that serves a fully God and fully human God. Both/and.
Right right I can’t think of a time to emphasize Love thy Neighbor more. To feel the pain and suffering of those around us as if it were our own, and then we heal together. We have to grieve to get to joy. I think there is a need to emphasize the human experience and it is still faith based. I am also interested in how theology affects mental health-especially when it isn’t grounded in loving thy neighbor. Because the love of God idea we have going on right now is having us loving people who have never been born (and we don’t care about the situation of the one in the situation-the one here now) and believing conspiracy theories that are making peope say: unmask the kids because they are believing conspiracy theories. This is so dangerous.

I saw this quote on mental health by Scott Peck an American Psychiatrist and best selling author
Mental health increases as we pursue reality at all costs.

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