Debating a narcissist

I can’t say this enough: Hillary didn’t react to Trump when he treated her horribly, too. She played by the rules and no one noticed (or very few)- either bc many already had their mind made up about her as a demon, or we are so used to women being talked over it just didn’t register. Now the other side is reacting to the abuse (AND IT IS ABUSE!) and we think we have a both sides problem. I have issues with Joe, no doubt, but reacting to abuse – even though it won’t read this way to people who don’t understand- isn’t one of them. #endabuse

I knew in 2016 Hillary subversively got under Trump’s skin by calling him Donald throughout the debate. What I didn’t know is she was trained by someone on how to debate a narcissist. Her trainer knew he wouldn’t know where to stand so when he’s lurking over her while she’s speaking, she was trained for that—and it’s why she didn’t respond.

This needs to be known. This outrage should have been noticeable in 2016, but we don’t respect women. And now, I just heard Trump not only NOT denounce white supremacy, but, instead, calls on the Proud Boys to stand by.

This is frightening. A police officer, who lives next door to me, has a flag waving of muscle Trump holding an AR-15. A really hard flag to get and I have to see it every day. My therapist asked me if I feel safe.

Me: I don’t know.

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