Thoughts on Texas Primary

Woke up this morning to see that Abbott won his primary, Dan Patrick, too, and Paxton is going into a runoff with George P. Bush (never comforted by seeing a Bush name–and Paxton is a criminal who is under investigation, but for some reason is facing no consequences and gets to keep running for office–wonder why).

Y’all, this post is not a partisan post. I used to vote Republican in the past–by peer pressure mostly–but I honestly did not think it made much difference between R and D for the longest time, and I was not completely wrong–until now.

The thing is, we cannot ignore that Texas is an empire in and of itself. Baptizing a political party is straight out of the book of Rome who deified their emperors; we are doing it to a political party. Also, do not miss the fact that Texas is the 9th or 10th largest economy in the world. We are a global superpower and that is coming with all its contradictions, just like Rome when it became the first global city. It is wild to watch public school teachers vote Republican too. It is very much against their own interests. They are coming for public education.

I did my part to vote against these men who are causing real harm to human lives right here in Texas. The propositions on the Republican ballot made me sick too. How cruel and un-American those props were. We are living in a state that is actively empowering people to become vigilantes against their own neighbors–women and the trans community. That is straight out of a dictator’s playbook. These are the kind of rules I am opposing. We need better laws and systems in place to prevent this kind of behavior. People are falling to the level of the systems they follow.

I am not in despair. I know my faith has something to say in a time like this. I am part of a community working to educate and create resources to move in a different direction. I am writing this because it is time to tell the truth and to share that it does not have to be this way. I will not give up on us.

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