Soccer Good Trouble

Procrastination has a bad reputation. I am going to turn the notion that procrastination is bad on its head. I am with Ellen, who in one of her stand up comedy acts demonstrated why procrastination was actually the solution.

This is my friend Kim Vitale. I ran into her at Target because I am avoiding the million things I have to do. I am overwhelmed, so I found a reason to leave— and I am glad I did. Kim was not planning this trip to Target either.

This friend and I have a very special history together. Our daughters have played soccer together a long time. When I saw how badly the big clubs were treating kids and their parents, this woman became my partner in good trouble to tell a different story at Mutiny. And what a story we told. We showed what was possible, and the world is better because Mutiny existed. I am going to give us the credit we deserve: our daughters’ Mutiny teams survived multiple times because of the problem women that we are—Kim and me. Kim was the most incredible manager and I started calling everyone who had been treated horribly by a big club in town and invited them to Mutiny. I got my church involved and they gave us space, for free, to hold indoor soccer practices when we could not practice outside for various reasons. It was survival through community effort.

We played as hard, or maybe harder, as we worked. We play a game or have practice and then we go eat or get yogurt. The adults were as connected as the kids. The men even started a soccer team of their own—The Old Timers. Those games were so much fun to attend. The daughters had a chance to critique their dads now. It was the best.

We survived so much. So much happened that should not have happened—like making classic league with just enough players to play!—but the work we put in shined and came through at just the right moment keeping us going. Even when we were getting our butts beat every game, other teams were interested in our girls. They never gave up—EVER.

But things come to an end. Mutiny was on life support at the time we ended. At our end-of-year soccer party—when I knew things were about to get official—I broke down and cried and could not stop the tears. Kim held me almost the whole entire party. She let me cry on her shoulder for hours and she did not let me go. I was so sad about so much. I was mad at the USA b/c Trump had been elected. I was mad at church. And now I was mad at soccer. I told her I wanted to live in another country. I will never forget her so sweetly saying: I am not sure they have it figured out either. 😂. Oh, Kim, I love you so much. I will never forget what you have done for me.

The last time we connected deeply I was in tears. Today, I saw her and sparks went flying everywhere. We are a powerful duo when we get together. I told her I will be smiling the rest of the day, and I still am right now.

Here are some pictures of our incredible journey together. I would not be who I am without Mutiny and without Kim. I also want to point out a picture where we are bowling. Kimberlyn was really struggling and upset. She refused to be comforted. Only Kim could reach her. From one Kim to another. After that, Kimbo knocked down 5 pins! Goal. LOL!

I treasure these memories. I cannot believe all of the soccer healing that is taking place right now in my life. Everything that was good and true and is coming back

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Jake Bruehl

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