Elsa vision

A friend asked me yesterday if I thought my connection to Elsa is the Holy Spirit’s message to me.
Me: yes, absolutely.
Elsa, as a child, was told her power was too much for this world. It needed to be concealed, not felt and formed as she grew and learned how to use it wisely. Culture fears what’s out of the norm that could challenge power that is maintaining a perceived peace. So, she played by the rules and wore those gloves and became a version of herself that did not experience all life had to offer her bc of who she is. It led her to depression.
But then a time came when she broke. She unleashed her powers in such a way she needed to go into hiding and heal. She was relearning, without realizing it, who she is and who she was created to be. Life, the hard kind of life, forced her out of hiding bc she was needed. She realized the only way to make it in this world was to be her truest self. Her love saved her sister and kept Olaf alive in summer.

In Frozen 2, the trolls are now hoping her power is enough. It wasn’t just her power though that ended up being enough; it took a community working together to relearn their story so everybody could heal, live, and enjoy the fullness of life. They did not get to skip over telling hard truths and making amends to do this. All were responsible and needed in the story.

I think Elsa has an important and vital message for us. The TGC worried about one line in a song that would have been overlooked had they not said something. I’m glad they did this now. They helped me find the vision I needed to live more confidently and to feel deep joy.
I also like that we do not need to try to make Elsa perfect. That’s not the point. Elsa is faithful. She’s faithful bc she listened and let it affect her. It saved her too. Of course it did.
Elsa has also taught me how to play. Can’t do the work without play. #elsaismyprophet #gottofeeltoheal #itsnotaboutperfection #itsaboutlearning #activelylisten

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