CRT, Book Bans & Me evening

Wonderful panel discussion on public education tonight. Look who came! Nancy Russell Ulrich, my GA, and Ellen Blocker McCollum, a new political activist at 76 yrs old. 🙂 She was saying that tonight is why I wrote that. They are some of my dearest friends from my other church. Oh, I love when people who are home show up at my new home. It makes me feel so happy and at home again.
This is the first time Casey Boland and I got to meet in the flesh. We have fun convos on Twitter and have been church mates for years, but our paths never cross. She gave the response everyone gives when they first meet me outside of the screen: You are tiny! But mighty. 🙂 Oh, I love my people.

Charlie Johnson too. He is with Pastors for Texas Children and he recognized me from Twitter. He said: I know you! I felt so honored. My Twitter work is working, friends. I am seen there.

Love y‘all and you are all my sheroes and heroes. Public education is dear to our family. My mom is a teacher and so is my husband. And I come from a long line of public school teachers too. Speaking truth and talking about ways we can help public education sets my soul on fire.

Just before this event, I read an article called “On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder. Friends, what was spoken about what is happening to public schools is straight out of the authoritarian handbook. I will say more later.

Just like Ellen becoming an activist recently b/c of the blatant attacks on public education, I became an activist in Christianity b/c Christian Nationalism is driving this attack on public schools (both Dems and Republicans, but it is important to know that it is far-right wing politics that is driving this worldwide authoritarianism. The global market is growing the disparity between the rich and the poor. This problem is really big and complicated b/c it is so deep and layered. But we can start making a home right where we are, and that is what we were trying to do tonight.)

Dr. Jeannie Stone said this: Trust. Just Trust.

This is what I have learned to do in seminary, and I ironically wrote about that today! That is the message of the Spirit, y’all. I can hear the problems on a human level that I am being equipped to address if people will listen to me. I have and am doing the work. I will say more in another post.

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