A Note from the Bruehls

Dear friends, I am home safely from my trip. It was beautiful and fulfilling in many ways, but I also noticed I’m still under a lot of stress and not really okay right now.

I came home to find out my partner, @jakebruehl , is in the ER. I did not find out until I landed. My soul sister and best friend, @stephmcarroll , came to pick me up. Jake has gagged on some meat and it’s stuck in his throat. He’s been to two places and nothing has worked so far to make it go down. He’s breathing and talking, thankfully, but he can’t keep anything down, so he’s being admitted over night.

I’m not sure why so many things are happening right now, but I know these seasons can happen to anyone and even the strongest struggle to withstand it. If I don’t take some time to rest, I won’t be able to withstand these massive storms happening right now.

With that said, I’m taking time off from everything until I start my residency. All the things I’ve signed up for, I need to withdraw from at this time. I can’t minister or be ministered to in this state.

My family is going to focus on our mental, physical, and spiritual health these next few months. Feel free to call, text, email, and come by to see us. We’d love it if you would. I just won’t be on the socials or at events for a while. We need healing in every way.

Bless all of you and the love you’ve given to our family through thick and thin. We love you.

Jake Bruehl

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