Leaving a Legacy

Sachse High School/Garland ISD (2004-2022).

We came to Sachse unexpectedly (my job was moving to Houston) and are leaving rather unexpectedly (life has called us back home to tend to our family). Both moves were and are the right moves.

That dash you see between 2004 and 2022 is where the story resides. A good story has been told. A story that has walls and is still worth living into if the community carries on the legacy Jake is leaving.

I can tell you without question looking at these pictures, and many had to be cut because I take so many pictures, the Bruehl family has been good to and good for the city of Sachse and Garland ISD.

Jake built the Sachse Boys Soccer program that has been consistently good year after year. Jake’s coaching and skill as a leader is not a fluke, he knows what he is doing. He can read the game and loves coming up with strategies. He is wickedly good at it and why I do not like playing games against him. LOL!

What gets talked about less is the work Jake Bruehl has done as a math teacher. He is incredibly smart and loves working with the kids who are harder to work with. He has a gift to meet these kids where they are and some have come to love math because of him. It does happen. Jake also adapted the Math Models curriculum that Sachse uses to this day.

What a gift Sachse High School and Garland ISD have had in their system for 18 amazing years.

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