Post #2 What’s real holds

Post #2 A continuation of what I wrote last night.

I was going to try and write again last night, but I was so tired. I also need to make you aware I wrote the OK tornado happened in 1995, but it was 1999. I was not in college in 1999. I was actually finishing college when that storm came. Why is there always a storm when I am ending my college careers?!

I am writing about two more beautiful things that have happened in the last two days that I wanted a separate post for, and I did not get pictures of either of these moments either. I was just completely lost and absorbed in these holy moments.

My friend, Sharilyn Born Jeffreys, came by to see me the other day and I had no idea she was coming by. It was the best surprise; one I wish my family was still in town for—they left an hour before she came. We talked, hugged, and remembered all the amazing times we have had together. Life has hit us both pretty hard and we still believe love and life are the only way to live.

Sharilyn is one of my friends who went with me to the Moxie Matters Tour at SMU in 2017. It was for my 40th birthday and two of my faves came with me—this was a gift from my mother. This is where I discovered Wilshire Baptist Church. SMU is also where Perkins is located. Jen Hatmaker, one of the leaders of the Tour, is the one who led me to search for a church that believed in justice on this earth—not just in some faraway place no one actually knows anything about. I went to her church twice but decided 4-5 hours EACH WAY is too long of a drive to attend church. Dallas can do better than what is currently available. Thank God Wilshire showed up and was only 30 minutes away. That was the best birthday gift of all. All of these pieces coming together is so wild and why I know there is something bigger than what we can see happening. Seek and ye shall find. Matt 7:7

I love my friend Sharilyn. This gift of her friendship has never been lost on me, but it is even more beautiful now. Going through fire reveals what will shine and not be consumed. Our friendship is one of those.

The other is my friend Danielle Otenti. I went to dinner with her early on when the storm was not even close to being over. We had an incredible conversation and it just made me realize that the relationships I have built all along are solid and real. Showing up when things feel so dicey (Jesus knows this feeling too) is what real love feels like. Love is here for all of it. Danielle is one of those friends who shows up. I am grateful. I love you, Danielle.

Yesterday she took me to lunch at my favorite spot that I used to eat at quite often after my former church let out. It was a joy to eat my favorite dish again and talk to one of my dearest friends on this planet. She knows a thing or two about pain—not just how to survive but also how to thrive. Love is all around us if we pay attention.

Since I did not take a recent pic with my two dearests, I will post the most recent pics I have with them. Thank you, friends. I will call you every time I come back in town. You have made a difference in our lives and we are so much better for knowing and being loved by you.

I included my favorite pics of Kimbo and Emily, Sharilyn’s daughter. These two lost their soccer team together but found their way—and even better—with Jake Bruehl playing on his 03 team. These are pics of both of them celebrating each other’s goals when they finally started finding their way on this older team. This team truly was the dream team. There will never be another like them. Grateful we got to experience that team. It is everything soccer can be.

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