Love is Always Present

Look who came to Norman just to see me! Okay, maybe in town for other reasons but he called to see me and take me to breakfast. This is my dearest friend Richard Luttrell. We went to church at Wilshire Baptist Church together. He is also friends with many of my friends from my first church in Texas, Richardson East C of C, through his work in Avid. He knows my mom too through It.

Richard has always had my back as a friend. He is learning to accept I am an OSU fan bc of our friendship. Ha!. He’s a diehard Sooner fan. So one Sunday during my internship at Wilshire Baptist Church, I taught in the class Epiphany—his class. I came decked out in OSU attire just for him. Lol. It would have been so funny had he been there that day!!! 😂. Something about being a deacon or something kept him away. thank goodness I could still tease him via social media.

So today I tried again, but differently. I came in Orange and black again—but it’s for Norman High. He went to Norman High. Also, this is a band shirt – Go Band! Richard was in the band at NHS too. Now orange and black unites us. Finding where we have common ground. 😍❄️

It was a delightful morning. I love this friend so much. When the waitress took our pic, Richard said I’m going to tell everyone I’m starting a senior ministry. 🤣.

He left me with this. I was worried about you, but now I’m not. I love to see you happy.


When you’ve been through a lot, you start to wonder what is real. Who actually does love you? What is real starts showing up and revealing itself. George Mason checked on me yesterday too and sent me a beautiful Poem.

Love doesn’t leave. It stays close beside us wherever we go.

Praise be to God.

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