Relationships help us grow up

I am the social media person in our family, so I am going to share a feel-good story for those who have been following our journey. By the way, I am the social media person everywhere I go. It feeds my hunger to tell real and true stories that would be missed if they were not pointed out. Hopefully making the world a little more beautiful and our communities a little bit stronger and more resilient.

When we left Sachse, it was with our heart in pieces. I still cannot quite figure out how things happened, but I do know it is largely because our systems are so over-burdened and there are no rules. Just like what is happening with our Republican Party. Anyway, soccer is now in season and Sachse is doing well. We are so glad. What I love even more, the boys are messaging Jake and letting him know about their season. They know he is proud and forever for them. Maybe they do not know this, so am I. It fills my heart with joy they are doing well and still want us a part of their lives. Our time in Sachse was a beautiful one.

The Girls Director of Solar FC also messaged Jake on New Years wishing him well and checking on him. He wanted him to know he is not forgotten. Y’all, tears are streaming down my face. Jake and I know a thing or two about building a beloved community together. We care about people deeply and want people to love what they are a part of and experience the feeling of excellence with excellent training.

Now that I have had time to reflect, and my bitterness has subsided, I think this distance has made us all grow up. We now can experience a relationship with each other with a different dynamic. No longer coach, player, mentor, mentee, student, etc: We can now be friends. Also, Jake and I are better when we build communities together. Now to get this work on my resume too. We have done this for years, and it matters. We know how to build, know that it might be temporary, can be highjacked, but most of all what we know this now: What God has joined together, no person can separate. (Matt 19:6)

That is the bottom that holds. Love is at the bottom.

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