Interdependence is happening now

Thought I would share some fun news today.

I just got off the phone with the Norman Transcript talking about The Big Band Dinner Dance coming up on April 1! Thank you Bianca Gordon for the help in finding a contact to report on this event for us.

Friends, we have almost sold all of our tickets and we have met our sponsorship goal. Glory.

What makes this event so much fun for me is this is truly a community event. I gained confidence in reaching out to businesses asking for their support. Everyone is so nice—even if they could not help this year. I found a few new sponsors myself, and one of them I went to Middle School with! We discovered this after we had a deep and meaningful discussion about life (fun story I shared a while back). And one is the nonprofit I am now working with—Rewilding Ministry, sponsored by The Center for Courageous Compassion (until rebranded officially as Rewilding Ministry). And one is my SIL’s company.

I am so grateful to be a part of something that is connecting us to one another. This is the vision I see of the world that is to come, and it is happening right now. From family and friends, to businesses, to journalists, to students, directors, and contributors (current and past)—it is all of us making this happen. I love this interdependence.

This event is also student-focused. The jazz band will be playing for two hours while we eat, dance, and enjoy a community event that celebrates Norman’s well-documented tradition of excellence in the area of Fine Arts.

This is me looking all official for a phone interview. LOL! I am dressed in my NHS colors. I will be at a choir concert tonight too, so it will be seen in person.

I believe in Public Schools!

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