It’s Time to Talk about Guns

Dear Friends,

I’ve waited to weigh in on the latest TX shooting. This one really hit home bc I went to the Allen outlets quite a bit and two of the children killed attended an ELEMENTARY school several of my friends’ kids went to in Wylie.

As someone who just escaped TX bc of a system that is unwell, I was already well-aware and closely-acquainted with the ever-present violence that is everywhere in TX. Dealing with people right now in a human way is extremely dangerous. Too many are disconnected from themselves and living out of their trauma and transmitting it on everybody. (This is why I made the point about Kimbo’s coach having a well-regulated nervous system. We know he’s safe).

It’s in Oklahoma too, but as Pantsuit Politics brought up today on their podcast: Texas is special (not in the good way) when it comes to gun violence. These mass shootings are happening at a higher rate than all the others bc it’s the state with the highest gun ownership and some of the laxest gun laws.

Oklahoma, do you want to revisit the Jon Stewart convo with Senator Nathan Dahm? Bc we need to. What he has done is what TX has done. And all it has done is create terror. No one feels safe. Not even with the people nearest to them! Is that how we really want to live?!

Texas is more afraid of teachers than they are of guns.

Let that sink in.

It’s time to lay all the guns down. Turn them into ploughshares. People are hungry and our land needs loving attention.

It’s time to listen to teachers. They are seeing what is happening in public life in a way few of us can see or possibly begin to understand. They are our first responders, bc they are the proactive responders. They are on the front end! Not the responders after a tragedy happens. Teachers are victims of many of these gun-violence tragedies that happen every damn day.

It’s amazing to me we allow people to create laws for us when they are so disconnected from the lived reality of the people they are supposed to be serving. Creating laws in their glass castle where they have protection from guns and healthcare paid for by us!!

I’m over it. I’ve got different ideas and I’m finding my people.

I’m looking at you lawmakers

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