We had a rabbi teach today at NorthHaven. She explained why rabbis teach rather than preach and it was fascinating. I am grateful for the interfaith work NorthHaven is doing. Interfaith work is essential to our healing, but it is also lifegiving and wonderful. The rabbi thanked NorthHaven for making her life safer and the life of her children safer by doing the work we are doing incorporating non-Christian teaching to our education.

Antisemitism is on the rise and is extremely blatant in our public discourse/theology. It is important that we start recognizing it and doing the work to see how we are contributing to the harm. Listen to the ones who are being harmed to learn and make changes. That is the work of repentance and justice.

What is weird is this morning I woke up and checked Twitter and saw something that made me want to engage a little. It has been a while since I have engaged a theology debate, but something was written that rubbed me the wrong way, and it felt like a time to say something.

It was about Penal Substitutionary Atonement. If you do not know what that is, it is a theology that teaches Jesus’ death as fulfilling a covenant with God to satisfy God’s wrath for fallen humanity. Jesus’ death satisfied the demands of justice by Jesus taking on the sins of humanity.

I just do not believe that anymore. The cross was something I struggled with as a kid, and I struggled with it even more when I had my own kids. Through reflection work with a friend, I realized that was what I needed to write my essay on to enter seminary. As a seven-year-old kid, it did not sit right with me thanking Jesus for dying for me.

A theologian wrote about this theology this morning and got some pushback for how he presented it. Other theologians were saying they were the experts with a different perspective and the OG tweeter was misrepresenting how other minority voices believe it. The thing is, even when they presented an alternative way to view it, it still leaves humanity as something depraved and God needed someone to die to make things right. I know people who have lost all faith in Christianity because we have such a low view of humanity. I was almost one of them until I studied what scripture actually says.

God desires mercy, not sacrifice. Hosea and Matthew both say that.

I also believe this is why Rome and the United States of America call the death penalty good news when they believe they are righting a wrong. Death is not the good news, the resurrection is.

Back to the rabbi this morning at NorthHaven. She talked about the Day of Atonement this morning. The Jews have recently celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, and the holiest day of the Jewish new year follows this day called Yom Kippur—the day of atonement. It was wild hearing her address this right after having this twitter engagement before her sermon. She talked about repentance and how differently Jews and Christians view it. She was not elevating one over the other, just revealing a difference. This is important work because difference sharpens us—not destroys us. I think Christians have had such a weak view of repentance because of penal substitutionary atonement and that is why Trump got away with saying he has never asked for forgiveness. This rabbi presented a view of repentance from the Jewish perspective that was so powerful and she highlighted how that work led to David realizing how he had caused harm to Uriah (David’s best friend), Bathsheba (a woman with less power and a woman is never safe—but she was also Uriah’s wife), his country, and to God. God cannot forgive you if you have not done the work to show you have done the work to be forgiven and trusted again. David actually did. Trump did not. There is more to say about David, but this is really important to notice when Trump gets compared to David.

I think about how much the rabbi was talking about the Jewish tradition as a returning. Returning to order and to God’s desire for the world. The work of justice is working on ourselves to see the harm we have done to others and working to make it right. This spoke to me deeply as I feel I am on a journey of returning. Returning to me.

In seminary, I discovered I had a lot of unhealed trauma and did a lot of work to heal it. It was so exhausting and I was trying to do so much work—and be a part of my family (who really got the short end of the stick) all at the same time. It was both beautiful and tragic at the same time. Two things can be true at once. I learned how to face old wounds and comfort the child within me who had been so hurt by them. That part is beautiful.

While I healed in so many ways, I never really grounded in what I want to do now that I am learning to just be me. I have not had time to rest and figure that out. I cannot return to how things were. Plus, I am seeing my family now a lot, and it is the best thing I have done in a long while. We are even back in Norman and seeing family beyond my immediate family. We as a family unit were taking on so much we lost ourselves. And when you lose yourself, a storm is ready for you. And boy did that storm come.

As I am a few months past the worst of the storm, I can say that storm has helped me realize how tired we were. How unsupported we were and in need of help. Help is here now.

I am also learning to break old patterns so I stop living my life in repeat. The cycle has to break. Now my journey back through my past is not revisiting the pain. I am revisiting the joy I have lived. I hear God saying that I am not in timeout because I am in trouble, but because God has heard my cry. I wanted to know if I am loved. God is showing me that I am. Very much so.

That is how we break old habits. We fill up on our belovedness (who we are) and it has to come from the source. For me, that is God.

Love is Always Present

Look who came to Norman just to see me! Okay, maybe in town for other reasons but he called to see me and take me to breakfast. This is my dearest friend Richard Luttrell. We went to church at Wilshire Baptist Church together. He is also friends with many of my friends from my first church in Texas, Richardson East C of C, through his work in Avid. He knows my mom too through It.

Richard has always had my back as a friend. He is learning to accept I am an OSU fan bc of our friendship. Ha!. He’s a diehard Sooner fan. So one Sunday during my internship at Wilshire Baptist Church, I taught in the class Epiphany—his class. I came decked out in OSU attire just for him. Lol. It would have been so funny had he been there that day!!! 😂. Something about being a deacon or something kept him away. thank goodness I could still tease him via social media.

So today I tried again, but differently. I came in Orange and black again—but it’s for Norman High. He went to Norman High. Also, this is a band shirt – Go Band! Richard was in the band at NHS too. Now orange and black unites us. Finding where we have common ground. 😍❄️

It was a delightful morning. I love this friend so much. When the waitress took our pic, Richard said I’m going to tell everyone I’m starting a senior ministry. 🤣.

He left me with this. I was worried about you, but now I’m not. I love to see you happy.


When you’ve been through a lot, you start to wonder what is real. Who actually does love you? What is real starts showing up and revealing itself. George Mason checked on me yesterday too and sent me a beautiful Poem.

Love doesn’t leave. It stays close beside us wherever we go.

Praise be to God.

A Bookstore Encounter

Okay, now I am going to share a story that is far out. Now I understand why people want to ban the books. Ban the books! 😉

After breakfast with Richard, I went to a local bookstore that I keep seeing and wanting to visit when I drop the kids off at school. It was technically closed at that time, but the door was open when I went in. The person at the counter said it was fine for me to be there, they were not doing anything dangerous to prevent me from being there.

I thought that was a funny thing to say and she explained that they are about to tear down a wall and expand this store. Yay!

Me: Oh! I thought you were going to say you were not adding any more books at this time and that is why it is safe. Based on how people are acting, that is the most dangerous thing you can be doing.
Her: I know, right! Ha!

She explained to me how they arranged their books in the store, and I loved how she gave me stories about people as to why. One story was either her dad or grandfather did not want science books and books about magic in the same section. She told me there is a fine line between those two.

Me: I am a theology major and I feel the same way. There is a thin line between theology and magic. Madeleine L‘Engle inspires me in this way. I was able to study her a little bit in seminary and she blew me away.

Her: Where did you go to school?

I told her about my school—Perkins school of Theology in Dallas.

Her: What is your denomination?

Me: Umm. I am going to tell you, but it is not what it sounds like. I am Baptist.

Her: Oh, my. That is my background too. I left when I learned women cannot do anything, but this is interesting hearing from you your experience with it now. I have some friends who are Christian in a way that you can connect with who you might be interested in meeting. I can give you my number and connect you with them.

(Background: She no longer identifies as Christian. She goes to a Unitarian church now).

We start talking about White Christian Nationalism and trauma. I also learn she is Chickasaw. She said in her circle they talk about generational trauma. There is trauma memory in our genetic code, and it occurred to her as she was considering White Christian Nationalists that trauma is in their genetic code too. Talking about generational trauma has been healing in her community, and she wonders if we should change our public dialogue to we are all healing from generational trauma. We are all traumatized by our history of colonization, enslavement, and women having no rights. This history is in all of us and we all need healing. It might be more effective than framing it as perpetrator/victim. A lot of what we are hearing is in their genetic memory and it is unhealed.

I told her a bit about my story in seminary and studying indigenous spirituality that has brought healing to my own faith. It has only enhanced it, not destroyed it. I also told her about Jake’s grandmother and what I learned this past year about her history in a boarding school. This history is still fresh in our bones. I also told her how Jesus’ life reads differently to me now that I see him as fully human. He remained by faithful by remaining human. He grew in wisdom. (I said a lot more)

Her: The way you described the life of Jesus, I have never heard it described like that before. That is really interesting.

The convo went on. We also talked about quantum physics. It was wild what happened in those 20 min we were talking. Turns out it was dangerous for me to be there. LOL!

Here is the real quicker, tough. She gave me her card with her number and I saw her name. It was so familiar to me. We discovered we were both raised in Norman and she asked how old I was. We are the same age!

I assumed she would know Jake Bruehl, because most people do—but also because she went to Central at the same time as Jake. She did know him. But then I told her my name was Lindsay Blake growing up.

Her: What middle school did you go to? I know your name.
Me: Longfellow.
Her: I did too!

Then we discussed our friends and I started to remember her clearly.

Her: Well, I guess instead of saying nice to meet you, it is nice seeing you again, Lindsay.

There is a lot to this story that is too hard to describe in words how holy this encounter felt, but to realize people remember me in Norman too meant a lot. Sometimes I do not see myself in the story of Norman. To hear from someone I did not even hang out with tell me they remember me—that caused a shift in me.

Take a Nap

This is a Facebook post I wrote on October 13, 2022. Forgive grammar and edits that might be needed. I’m navigating life as o see it now. I’m seeing that wisdom I was gaining earlier is coming back to vindicate me. I can trust myself. I can also take a nap. Here’s the post: 

I just listened to the best podcast this morning. What I am going through right now is deeply holy work.

The podcast I listened to is “We Can Do Hard Things” and their guest Tricia Hersey who is the Nap Ministry Bishop. 🙂 She seriously started Nap Ministry and I have shared several of her tweets on FaceBook in the past. I have been in love with this social-political movement ever since I heard about it. Now I know a lot more about it and am proud to say I am participating in this movement, even though it is wild how I got here.

My book club bought me a Nap Queen shirt last year on my birthday. It is one of my most prized possessions. Some of you may remember I was advocating for more rest last semester by showing me napping at various times during my internship. It was fun, funny, and resistance. Rest is resistance. I have always believed that and I wrote a section of my credo with the title “Sabbath as resistance.” Now I know what I was doing was far more important than I knew at the time, and I am proud of myself for the work I have done to get here. I believe the journey led me here because I was calling out to God for this.

Liberation begins in our bodies as Tricia says in the podcast. Her theology, and she is a theologian, is rooted in Womanist and Black Liberation theology. Capitalism started on the plantations. I would also add capitalism allowed for Manifest Destiny to be accepted. This idea that certain bodies are machines and not divine beings is where the sin occurred. White supremacy is literally killing all of us, including the earth, and capitalism is making it so that none of us have any time to stop and contemplate that—or learn the actual history of capitalism. Rest is where clarity, imagination, and resistance is born.

Tricia says she is no longer willing to donate her body to evil systems that seek to destroy her body. We are not here for that. It is time to rethink productivity. Everything we have been taught is a lie and it is time to relearn our history. We are losing our workforce because people are waking up to this fact and are no longer willing to work for unlivable wages. We are dangerously and very close to losing all our public school employees. I can bear witness they are extremely underpaid and the whole system is understaffed by design. We have people in power who do not see the divine image in public school employees and it is killing all of us.

White supremacy is hurting white people too. The inability to see the divine image in another is a spiritual deficiency and is killing people who participate in this system from the inside out. White feminism is one of the worst movements. We would have been better off with no movement because it encouraged white women to play by these same rules and to do it all perfectly—even when hated. Every day politicians and the media are outright saying we hate you and white women are saying: How can we serve you better?

It is time for change. And the change comes through liberating our bodies. To see ourselves as divine beings worthy of being treated as fully human. It is completely counter-cultural to demand humanity out of our systems. The liberation is not coming from a system—it is coming from within ourselves.

As a Christian leader, I help people see that Jesus’ death was not an obedience to God to fulfill God’s wrath for fallen humanity. That is abusive theology. I show how Jesus’ death was complete obedience to remaining human—he did not have to, but he did—and the system killed him for it.

Oklahoma has a sizable death penalty fund that could be shifted to public education. Let those who call themselves a Christian in public office right now take time to rest and reconsider who it is they say they follow. Especially right here in Oklahoma that is going on an ungodly death penalty killing spree. The man they say they follow was killed by the death penalty!

Let the rest begin.

Praise be to God. It is good to be human.

Post #2 What’s real holds

Post #2 A continuation of what I wrote last night.

I was going to try and write again last night, but I was so tired. I also need to make you aware I wrote the OK tornado happened in 1995, but it was 1999. I was not in college in 1999. I was actually finishing college when that storm came. Why is there always a storm when I am ending my college careers?!

I am writing about two more beautiful things that have happened in the last two days that I wanted a separate post for, and I did not get pictures of either of these moments either. I was just completely lost and absorbed in these holy moments.

My friend, Sharilyn Born Jeffreys, came by to see me the other day and I had no idea she was coming by. It was the best surprise; one I wish my family was still in town for—they left an hour before she came. We talked, hugged, and remembered all the amazing times we have had together. Life has hit us both pretty hard and we still believe love and life are the only way to live.

Sharilyn is one of my friends who went with me to the Moxie Matters Tour at SMU in 2017. It was for my 40th birthday and two of my faves came with me—this was a gift from my mother. This is where I discovered Wilshire Baptist Church. SMU is also where Perkins is located. Jen Hatmaker, one of the leaders of the Tour, is the one who led me to search for a church that believed in justice on this earth—not just in some faraway place no one actually knows anything about. I went to her church twice but decided 4-5 hours EACH WAY is too long of a drive to attend church. Dallas can do better than what is currently available. Thank God Wilshire showed up and was only 30 minutes away. That was the best birthday gift of all. All of these pieces coming together is so wild and why I know there is something bigger than what we can see happening. Seek and ye shall find. Matt 7:7

I love my friend Sharilyn. This gift of her friendship has never been lost on me, but it is even more beautiful now. Going through fire reveals what will shine and not be consumed. Our friendship is one of those.

The other is my friend Danielle Otenti. I went to dinner with her early on when the storm was not even close to being over. We had an incredible conversation and it just made me realize that the relationships I have built all along are solid and real. Showing up when things feel so dicey (Jesus knows this feeling too) is what real love feels like. Love is here for all of it. Danielle is one of those friends who shows up. I am grateful. I love you, Danielle.

Yesterday she took me to lunch at my favorite spot that I used to eat at quite often after my former church let out. It was a joy to eat my favorite dish again and talk to one of my dearest friends on this planet. She knows a thing or two about pain—not just how to survive but also how to thrive. Love is all around us if we pay attention.

Since I did not take a recent pic with my two dearests, I will post the most recent pics I have with them. Thank you, friends. I will call you every time I come back in town. You have made a difference in our lives and we are so much better for knowing and being loved by you.

I included my favorite pics of Kimbo and Emily, Sharilyn’s daughter. These two lost their soccer team together but found their way—and even better—with Jake Bruehl playing on his 03 team. These are pics of both of them celebrating each other’s goals when they finally started finding their way on this older team. This team truly was the dream team. There will never be another like them. Grateful we got to experience that team. It is everything soccer can be.

Multi-post/over-post is about to happen. You can expect that from me, so I probably did not need to announce that—but I am. I am giving you fair warning. 😉 I hope you will stick around to read and listen to what I have to say. It is important. It is wisdom born of pain.These past three months have been a mixture of both heaven and hell. Heaven like I have never experienced before and hell like I have never experienced before. But, I can say this, what my family went through in 2015/6 gave us the tools we needed to survive when the unthinkable happened on May 3.……May 3.It is weird, May 3 is also the date when the F5 tornado hit Oklahoma in 1999 and we have never been the same since. I will never forget meteorologist Dan Threlkeld on the radio telling the people in Moore to get in their shelters and to get on their hands and knees and pray to God. I was in college at the time and had lived in Oklahoma since I was in the first grade. I lived through so many tornado warnings, watches, and near misses—never had I heard a meteorologist talk like this on the radio or on TV. I was in the car, so I heard it on the radio. This was the first time I felt actual fear from this gigantic tornado that ended up destroying a lot—including my Nana’s home she had lived in for 27 years and but had moved out of only a year before this tornado. That brought a lot of perspective. Driving home from Stillwater (I am an Oklahoma State grad and fan—just to be clear since most know we are moving to Norman. 🙂) the interstate was bumpy when I hit Moore. It was surreal. Life as I knew it would never be the same again.But you know what else, Oklahoma is still here. Moore is still here. We are a people who recreate and keep trying even though we know there are no more guarantees in life. The stability we once believed would hold was just a break. I also like what PantSuit Politics had to say about stability. We all long for it, but if we are not careful with it—it is also the breeding ground for complacency. Oof! That is a word of truth.Here is what I know is true after experiencing these past three hellish months—what is real holds, and it is stronger than what tries to destroy. Oklahoma shows us this time and time again. It is a state that knows trauma and catastrophe. Oklahoma still has some major problems and it is going to have to deal with a liberal feminist, environmentalist, anti-death penalty, human rights activist, and lover all of things good—oh, and a woman’s right to choose coming back home. But Oklahoma knows pain and it somewhat knows how to grieve. I feel the Oklahoma welcome and it feels heavenly after this turbulent season.I would love to pinpoint a system or a person to blame for what went down so unjustly and so carelessly, but if I did that I would not be able to tell you about the people who work for these same systems or jobs who walked us through the trial. Because of their actions, what was true held. Not perfectly, but it held. Hallelujah. The Bruehl family had built an ark these past five years and it held when the storm came. I get it now. Yes, there was death (not literal—there are other versions of death than physical death) and destruction, but we lived.We know what living communally means in a way that is real—not superficial. In a way that believes in truth, not saving face or protecting the system. Going by the way of truth is the narrow way. Jesus said that and now I see it more clearly.I will say more in another post. This one is already too long. Here are pics of what has happened (to me)—I try to share my story only as best I can because everyone else has experienced this differently; their story is not mine to share without permission. Look at the love that has encircled us through this season. I do not have a pic with Collin and Lauren. I talked to them today but pictures did not feel right for how big today was for me, but the ”Let it Go” pic Jake Bruehl and I took happened because of them. Love is in the storm. Pay attention.Also, if you are wondering about the Sachse fire dept. pic, they helped me install new fire alarms. My family was out of town and I did not know how to install new ones, so they came to help. They have helped us so much throughout our years in Sachse. Jake had several seizures that needed attention when we first moved here and one later in our time here, and they came over to help. Jake tried to teach them math at one of these visits and that is one of my favorite memories in that storm He is a born math teacher, y‘all!Thanks for listening. There is more to come.

Final morning reflection from my oasis.

Last official morning in my oasis. The place that held me when it all fell apart. It gave me space to listen, to pray, to put the pieces back together and live again. It has grown and changed with me through every trial and joyful experience that came from healing and growth.

I practiced my first in-person sermon out here. I practiced day and night bc I was so nervous. This space didn’t mind my overkill. The universe even gave me an example to set the scene for my sermon. Setting the scene was what I was critiqued on the most in my preaching class.

The scene: My frankincense and myrrh candle 🕯 I had lit to inspire me broke while I was stressing out about how to begin this sermon. My sermon was on the Woman who anointed Jesus in Mark 14. This is the story that followed me all throughout my seminary career. I began to freak out about this candle that broke bc wax was spilling everywhere, but then I stopped for a sec and realized it was illuminating the jar the woman broke in the story to pour perfume all over Jesus’ head. It was setting the scene for me! I thought my candle was being wasted, but it was helping me.

Yes, scientifically we can explain why the candle broke. But those are just facts. What about the timing and how it broke? Who says science doesn’t work with faith? Madeleine L’Engle used science in the stories she told. Science expands our understanding of God—Doesn’t eliminate it.

The candle was not wasted. I used the example it gave me in my sermon and kept the jar for a long time as a reminder of the great faith of this unnamed woman we are supposed to remember every time the gospel is preached. The smell lived on a long time even without the candle.

Look, a remnant of that candle still remains on the pergola table.

Nothing is ever wasted!

Love is never wasted. People may not understand love at first. It seems wasteful and unfamiliar and sometimes threatening. Jesus understands it. Jesus honors it. Love is generous right back. That is demonstrated in that story. Praise be to God.

Final reflection from the pergola. Love is growing. Not ending.

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We are moving. Journaling deeply human moments from our time in TX.

I have so many calls to make about our moving. I want to share two of the calls I’ve made so far that have confirmed how much we have loved and been loved by all we’ve encountered during our time here in Sachse.

The first one I called is TruGreen. The woman on the other end did not know me but was empathetic bc we’ve been such longtime and loyal customers. Talking to her reminded me of 2016 when I was feeling really depressed about the state of our world (not to say I told you so, but I told you so 😅) and a TruGreen employee came to service our lawn. He stopped me when I was going to the mailbox to tell me how much enjoyed my dogs Gracie Lou and Angel Glory who watched him from the window. He told me they were such beautiful dogs and he enjoyed seeing them every time.
Then there was a time another TruGreen employee came to my house but our ground was too wet to service that day. He saw my “We Welcome Refugees” sign and asked me about it when I opened the door so he could tell me about my lawn. What happened next was not about the sign but telling me how tired he is. He isn’t treated like a human at work anymore (I get this on a much deeper level now). A computer system sets up his schedule and meeting the demands of an inhuman system is the expectation. Those 15 min he had alotted for my yard gave him a moment to breathe and feel like a human. I received his story. I still do.

My next call was with Pest Management. This one was personal. I know the person who calls me bc I talk to him every time. He is heartbroken we are leaving and going somewhere they can’t join us. A story comes to mind about this company too.

This is right before I heard Jonathan Martin speak at Jen Hatmaker’s church in 2017. This matters bc what he preached on, this experience played right into it. A service person came out to treat our pantry moths. He wanted to see Gracie Lou but only Angel Glory would give him the time of day 😂. But in that time he was petting my Angel (May her memory be a blessing) this man starts telling me a powerful story about Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash and the song “Hurt.” I’m not sure what made him tell me this story but it was a transcendent moment—a moment I knew something was happening beyond what I could see or ever describe. I wrote a blog post about it bc it was so wild. This serviceman told me the dark and the light need each other. Pest Management delivering a word to me. JC and NIN could not be more different, but they granted JC the rights to their song “Hurt” after having turned down so many other bands who wanted those rights. I’ll post the blog in my comments. But in this story there’s nails, a man with the initials JC, hurt, death, and new life.

It’s wild bc these stories happened at a time I wasn’t so sure about church anymore. The fact love showed up in ways I’d never think to look for in that way, makes me not fear the mass exodus happening from churches. God pursues us in the wilderness. Love always finds a way.

I share these stories bc they are deeply human and beautiful. We are living in a world that is making human connection seem bad and untrustworthy. It absolutely can be, but it’s still worth fighting for. It’s the only way to get home.

Grateful for these memories from TruGreen and Pest Management of Texas.

I’m including a note from TruGreen that Terry wrote a few years ago. He always said something encouraging. I can’t find the pic where he said: Nice Sign. He was referencing my “We Welcome Refugees” sign.

Leaving a Legacy

Sachse High School/Garland ISD (2004-2022).

We came to Sachse unexpectedly (my job was moving to Houston) and are leaving rather unexpectedly (life has called us back home to tend to our family). Both moves were and are the right moves.

That dash you see between 2004 and 2022 is where the story resides. A good story has been told. A story that has walls and is still worth living into if the community carries on the legacy Jake is leaving.

I can tell you without question looking at these pictures, and many had to be cut because I take so many pictures, the Bruehl family has been good to and good for the city of Sachse and Garland ISD.

Jake built the Sachse Boys Soccer program that has been consistently good year after year. Jake’s coaching and skill as a leader is not a fluke, he knows what he is doing. He can read the game and loves coming up with strategies. He is wickedly good at it and why I do not like playing games against him. LOL!

What gets talked about less is the work Jake Bruehl has done as a math teacher. He is incredibly smart and loves working with the kids who are harder to work with. He has a gift to meet these kids where they are and some have come to love math because of him. It does happen. Jake also adapted the Math Models curriculum that Sachse uses to this day.

What a gift Sachse High School and Garland ISD have had in their system for 18 amazing years.

sachsehighschool #garlandisd #agoodstory #youwishyouwereamustang

Update on Jake

Hi all, I’m tired so I won’t be able to go into a lot of detail about Jake’s diagnosis. Here’s a quick def from the doc and the internet:

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is an allergic inflammatory condition of the esophagus that involves eosinophils, a type of white blood cell. In healthy individuals, the esophagus is typically devoid of eosinophils.[2] In EoE, eosinophils migrate to the esophagus in large numbers. When a trigger food is eaten, the eosinophils contribute to tissue damage and inflammation. Symptoms include swallowing difficulty, food impaction, vomiting, and heartburn.[3]

Jake Bruehl has had milder episodes of what happened yesterday in the past, but never like this and the episodes were few and far between. That’s why it never occurred to us this was something that needed medical attention. The amount of stress he’s under brought this to light. The body keeps the score.

He’s home sleeping and I’m about to do the same.

Please pray. This will require follow up consultations and medical care.