2000 Baptist Faith and Message Statement



A few months ago, I saw Beth Moore and Denny Burke have a disagreement on Twitter. I saw Denny responded to Beth-who was telling him they went too far (including herself) in holding women back in the SBC-that he believed in the Baptist 2000 and Danvers Statements. This peaked my curiosity. I knew I was going to be horrified, so what helped me was thinking of the Baptist 2000 as a Super Baptist. I had Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor (Tim Allen on Home Improvement) running through my head grunting and saying, “Baptist 2000-More power!” Turns out, my imagination wasn’t too far off- unfortunately.

I have included the Preamble in the link above. It reveals why SBC seems more like disciples of capitalism vs Jesus Christ. Writing things down really helps to clarify things. They are living this message, and I am glad they have a provision in there that they can revise their statement of faith as it seems wise and expedient at any time.  Oh! Oh! Oh! I’ve got my hand up SBC. Now! Now is a good time. This statement is really bad, and I can’t believe you got away with your sin of eliminating this sentence from the 1963 version: “The criterion by which the Bible is to be interpreted is Jesus Christ”. You literally took out Jesus. Which you had to do to make this statement. Jesus is not a part of this.

I want to highlight a few things about this statement in this post. First, the arrogance and falseness of this message right here:

Our confession of faith are rooted in historical precedent, as the church in every age has been called upon to define and defend its beliefs. Each generation of Christians bears the responsibility of guarding the treasury of truth that has been entrusted to us (2 Timothy 1:14). 

Treasury of truth? The truth is a bank account that has to be guarded? No sirs! (And I have to say sirs because women don’t have a seat at your table). The truth is freely given and poured out to everyone anointed by the Holy Spirit. You are not the appointed gatekeepers.

And since when do we guard the truth?! If we are filled with the truth, why aren’t we out there living it so everyone will know who is in us and want to glorify our Lord too? (Matthew 5:16). Notice people will want to join the flock when they see our good deeds, not when we guard it in a vault.  Our lives must be a reflection of our faith, or it is dead religion.

Also, “defend beliefs”, please stop. You are not here to defend your beliefs. You are here to defend the sheep. People > beliefs. Jesus said: Feed my sheep (John 21:17) No one cares about your defense. We want food. And eventually, the sheep become shepherds too. We are not to stay on top. My pastor, George Mason – who wants to me to be an ordained Baptist minister, gave me the best quote: The trajectory of the gospel is to see eye to eye. Isn’t that lovely? He wasn’t letting me see him as a giant. He called me friend. He is not the least bit worried about me joining him in the work. Neither are countless other men in my church – of all ages. I am quite stunned. I have been complimentarian for 40 years. I had no idea the damage it was doing to me. It damages men and children too. No one wins in patriarchy.

Your message is so fear-mongering. Stop with the truth is under attack. It is not. We are not persecuted. Not even close. People are hungering and thirsting for the truth, and you are guarding it in a vault. It doesn’t have to be this way. And we could be a help to other nations where the truth truly is under attack. The goal is not persecution – it is freedom. No “us vs them” theology. It is evil. I truly believe the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is when humans decided they get to decide what is right and what is wrong. We can live in harmony and not understand why others are they way they are. We can ask questions and listen. Listening changed my life. The Hebrew word for obey, I learned from a Rabbi should have been translated to diligently listen. That changes the tone. We only need to intervene when someone is harmed.

Baptist history has an aversion to creeds. But you have made this a creed. You de-emphasized soul competency to making everyone accountable under the word of God. You have made this doctrinal accountability- which will trump soul accountability. This is what you wanted, and we see you now.

Dr. Hobbs warning to you about all of this is playing out now. You have used this creed (because that is what this message is) to get people out that are a threat to your power-churches, universities, etc. This statement is written under the influence of Paige Patterson as your President! That matters. He is a known abuser. He counseled women to stay in abusive relationships, and has made inappropriate remarks about underage girls. Inappropriate remarks are wrong at any age, but we are talking a minor here. Your church is overflowing with abuse against women and children, and this message created the environment for that to happen.

You should be in sackcloth, SBC!

Lets talk Beth Moore and what you are doing to her. This woman, who I do not agree with a lot on theology, saved my faith in my early days. She is the only pastor (and she is a pastor-it makes you so jealous you can’t see straight) I heard that I truly believed loved Scripture. Scripture gave her life, not rules to make me feel awful about myself. You are abusing her because she preached one sermon on Sunday morning. And honestly, you have always abused her. The Holy Spirit isn’t having it anymore. You take advantage of people who are vulnerable. You aren’t answering the call to any woman who is hurt. Your obsession on women in the priesthood being forbidden is a sin, and a betrayal of the highest order. You know your theology is creating this mess, and you are trying so hard to make it not so – including sacrificing women and children. By the way, you are sacrificing men too. This message is hurting men too.

I researched this Baptist 2000 statement more in depth after I saw Beth having to prove to you she was within the BFM standards. Gross. Also, RC Sproul comparing women having a role in church to vandals who commit crime because of their pain…I have no good words to say, so please let that sink in. I was so traumatized by his message. The strong men being in control of us, and reducing our pain like we are children-and only wanting a role because we are trying to steal a man’s position because of our pain.

Capitalism is killing us. Your statement is capitalist-driven. It is fear-based and believes in scarcity.

SBC – we serve a God of abundance. A God who freely shares. A God who has enough love for all.  I will see you in the pulpit one day, and I hope by then we are friends. You can turn this around. It doesn’t have to be this way. We are better together.

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