Misogyny max out

I am at peace this semester- a peace I haven’t felt before in my life. I am taking things slower-maybe too slowly-but it feels right.
When I write about my frustrations-it is coming from a deep love-not a desire to win or conquer. With this said, I want to share the hope I feel, and what my last night on Twitter was like. I am sure I will return to Twitter one day, but right now I have all the misogyny my heart can handle reading the Bible, listening to church history, and our political discussions. Maxed out. My dearest friends on Twitter are also Facebook friends, so that helps.
If you read my post last night, I mentioned I never thought my voice would be used for women. I was raised in a church that viewed women as second-class citizens. They did not mean to, but it is what happened even with the best intentions. This is why I want to scream in church history when I hear “Bible only” from church fathers (and from leaders today)– You are privileging men every time that statement is made! How can women move forward when a statement like Bible only is made? We sound like we are against the Bible when we say that isn’t true. I love the Bible, and the Bible tells me that life is not Bible only.
When I came to Wilshire, it took 4 men telling me they think I am called for me to even consider this possibility, and I have always viewed myself as independent. So the fact it took this many MEN to help me see differently softens my heart to women who haven’t been able to find their confidence b/c church held us back. Soccer helped me find my voice. I am not angry at my previous church. They are still supporting me. (not all, but the ones who were always there are still here-I have no regrets).
Now let me tell you about my final night on Twitter. There is this man who seems to be influential in the SBC. I don’t know why b/c he is a (well, I won’t say the word). I have tried to appeal to this man to no avail several times, he always ignores me-but Friday was different.
He wrote this post about women in ministry and our desire to become men–and we are destroying our families. I can’t make this up. I would have ignored but a woman responded to him saying she was raised feminist but after reading the Bible (notice this Christians and weep) she realizes that was wrong. This man reaches out to her and tells her to listen to her husband b/c he will guide her. Her heart is in the right place.
At this point I know I have to go in. I told him my family has never been better. I am in seminary– to preach– and my husband, who is a school teacher, is grateful for words of comfort I can provide him through Scripture. Our kids feel the same way. Life is hard and I have been able to use scripture to help them too.
His response: He retweeted himself, and includes my friend (who is a man) whose thread I saw this on to remind me I am playing the man’s role.
My response: Tom, thank you for finally hearing me. Then I quote Isaiah ‘Keep listening, but do not comprehend;
keep looking, but do not understand.’ (Isaiah 6). Then I bring to light he is making sure a man is present to talk to me – even on Twitter. (This is what comp churches do with women – can’t meet alone with them, always have a wife or elder present. Spare me! Glad my church trusts me, and vice versa).
His response: This is how Twitter works! But keep judging.
Me: Yeah. I am judging. You are leading people astray with your leadership, and telling women lies about ourselves.

And with that, I signed off.

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