Our Economy has always been fragile

We need an economy with a safety net. We have always been fragile, and now we are seeing how fragile it always was. Rob Bell’s son, Trace, said we built a “Jenga-style” economy. I have a story to speak to this.
When I was struggling with the decision to go to seminary – so many things trying to keep me from doing it: I have been burned before, money, can I do school again, etc.
Here is George’s response: After a message of encouragement he said this: “we” are going to work really hard.
He had no idea how powerful just the word “we” was going to be for me in that moment. It changed me the second I read it. That is the word I am going to remember forever from that email. It also revealed how alone I have always felt in my faith and making hard decisions. We are a tough society on each other. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is bad theology. That isn’t how faith works.
When I had to make a decision about work b/c full-time seminary is no joke. George said this: You aren’t going to fall this time, Lindsay. If you do, it will not be as hard. You have a safety net now. Trust your faith.
Now I am in seminary falling in love with how communal our faith is supposed to be. Our freedom is for each other. I experienced this right before coming and it has changed everything for me. And I work really hard too! When you are empowered, loved and valued-and mentored in a way to see your strengths-it changes a person. Love for the whole community abounds. He had to work hard for me to believe him b/c I have had this door shut to me for so long-I never imagined it.
So right after this is when Tim Keller tried to mansplain something to me and then disappear. I was like “listen here, Tim Kellar, I have a “we” now. and this isn’t going to fly anymore”. I have the Baptists and now I have Methodists.

Communal Feast – all come to the table and no one hoards. We get what we need and there is enough for everybody.

Communal Baptism (this is practice). Communal life in Christ. His story is now our story. We are reminded every time we partake in communion. Dr. Stamm allowing me to practice baptism using his body.

Sometimes God let’s us work with our heroes. Jonathan Martin and Larry Crudup Thank you both for the lives you lead that make me believe in the power of love more and more each day.

My Trio. I’ll cry if I say more right now. I love them so much. Jaime Clark-Soles and George Mason

This woman, Cheryl Allison. I get to be a part of her life, and I’ve never seen such a beautiful world because of this grace.

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