The Voice – by Tyresa Colleen King

Teri, one of my dearest friends, wrote this poem for me after reading one of my posts talking about resting. Listening to the Voice that guided me before when it all fell apart. I can’t thank God enough for Teri. Her words are the words of God to me tonight.

The Voice
by Tyresa Colleen King
for Lindsay Blake Bruehl

The madness around me
creates anger within.
The sadness within me
dampers my world.

When I know that I’m right,
that I’ve been wronged,
I am closest to wronging
those I defend.

I hear the madness;
it’s sound deafening.
It drowns out the peace,
silent with the breeze.

When I listen,
I hear the silence;
from which rises
the strongest voice.

A simple word heals me;
Pours salve on my wounds.
The sound that restores me
can never be assumed.

Gaining strength I rise up,
but fall back to rest.
Recovery takes time.
I can’t hasten the voice.

Lying down
is as hard
as taking a stand.
can require
more discipline
than acting.

A world that is just
captures my dream;
Love surrounding the globe,
like the arms of a god.

How long, O Lord,
must I wait?

How long, O Lord,
have you waited?

©️Tyresa Colleen King June 2020

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