When people cry

I’m listening to people of color tell us they’ve been telling white people for a long time, but we didn’t believe them. Now there’s video and some of us are waking up to the reality, but there’s still resistance. This blows my mind.
I want to share an experience where I saw massive injustice, and it was met with disbelief too. It stunned me beyond my wildest imagination.
A child was harmed. I knew it was true. There are reasons I know it’s true and it is devastating.

For a second let this sink in, a child cried out and wasn’t believed.

The child wasn’t believed bc there was nothing the justice system could do. There was not a video or eye witnesses. Only the word of a child. The justice system says without evidence there has to be more victims to back this claim. This happens to women too.

Innocent until proven guilty is a good idea for a justice system, but it’s not good all the time in our personal life when we are hearing heartbreaking stories from vulnerable people who have nothing to gain sharing their story, and are most likely not going to be believed.

I cried my eyes out to my friends, and pleaded from the depths of my soul to protect their children. I was met with hostility and indifference. Just agree to disagree. Thanks for the warning.

Then sexual assault – too controversial for the church to take on. Women with unequal rights is just my problem, not all of ours.

We don’t believe pain. We will share conspiracy theories, but will deny the tears of our siblings. Including our children.

It’s hard to be an enneagram 4 in a society like this. Glennon Doyle said her daughter is a 4 and was driving them crazy with her obsession of polar bears. But her daughter could connect our thriving is connected to the polar bears thriving. In most cultures 4s would be set aside as poets, artists and ministers. Our society ignores. We are screaming ice berg on the Titanic when everyone wants to keep dancing.

We need Lady Wisdom. We are all one.

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