The need for emotional intelligence: current example

Ok, I want to expand more on feelings bc Trump compels me to do so today.

He’s now trying to portray Kamala Harris as the most liberal lefty, and made a case that she was nasty to judge Kavanaugh. And that is what made me feel the need to write this post.

We can’t “both sides” issues that are clearly right and wrong. They aren’t differences on how to carry out policy, but basic human dignity. Trump violates that all the time. He’s a narcissist and does not care who he is nasty to. But if someone challenges one of “his” people – he thinks that is being nasty in the same way he is nasty to everyone.

FALSE! Not true. Not anywhere near the same thing.

Kamala Harris, I’m so relieved she’s the VP pick, bc that shows me one party is reading the room, and doing something about it. She’s highly qualified, even more than Biden, and I take great joy in this.

Challenging people is not being nasty. He was credibly accused of sexual assault, and friends, I heard him speak – I know his voice. He’s not fit for office, but got it anyway.

Me saying this is not just my feelings, or being nasty. I critically listened to the situation, and watched the emotions of the person accused. I know he’s guilty. And I’ve never gotten a job crying: I love beer. He was pretty emotional about that. Just saying.

I feel my gifting to this world is emotional intelligence. And it comes from deep pain. I went through my pain and she taught me a lot. Spirit was in the chaos.

No, we can’t both sides everything. Holding someone accountable is not being nasty or persecution.

What Trump does is.

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