Misogyny is also a pandemic

Yesterday, I talked about Trump using “nasty woman” again to describe a smart woman who doesn’t agree with him or his people. Never mind when he doesn’t agree with his people, and he fires them.
I’m going to talk more about his mental health and crimes in another post.
What shocked me in 2015 and 16, there are two events I witnessed regarding sex crimes, is people’s inability to feel the pain of women who are sexually assaulted or raped; children too. Let me give context.
Before Trump’s sex tapes leaked, I was listening to a lot men and women use misogynistic language towards Hillary Clinton. You don’t like her-fine- go after her policies, not her humanity that is fully created in the image of God. But the problem was Trump had no policies to support to attack hers. We were not dealing with “both sides”. We were dealing with right and wrong.
I heard the church speak ill of Hillary and Chelsea (their daughter) as soon as Bill took office. Chelsea was a child! And people talked about her looks in grievous ways. Misogyny reared it’s ugly head then bc I think people knew the woman was the one qualified for the job. They used Bills affairs as their moral reasoning—-to attack Hillary? He should have been removed from office for what he did to Monica. No one cared about her. She received the same misogyny Hillary did. She was young and assaulted by the most powerful man in America. You can say consent, but it wasn’t.
Hillary staying with Bill is none of our business. We don’t know the work they’ve done, or not. If the argument is made she stayed with him to get into office, then we need to ask why she would think that is necessary. Did we create that culture? We did. Also, it’s not unusual for women to stay with their abusers. There is psychology behind that, and makes me feel less alone in why I stayed with an abusive boyfriend.
Back to Hillary. I heard a PASTOR in an interview say Hillary is responsible for Bill’s affairs, and Trump is just a flawed man for his. The interviewer asked this: Hillary is responsible for Bill, but Trump is not responsible for Trump?
This is legitimately what is being taught in a lot of churches. I had no idea until this moment, and I saw the churches all around me silent on this. even worse, when the sex tapes were leaked, the church went along with “Locker Room Talk”. I want to know what is going on in locker rooms then. Jake Bruehl has never heard that.
I really could not understand how the church could feel zero for Hillary, and were fine with the cruelty, but felt empathy for Trump. How could this be?
That’s when I started looking at complementarian churches and their cruelty towards women and children. When the SBC got exposed for massive amounts of abuse against women and children, my question was answered. Catholic Church too. But every church that has exclusionary tables is complicit. Not that egalitarian churches have zero guilt, but their table is open to hear the experience of everyone who mourns, and it has a much greater chance to be handled and FELT differently.
To say our experience doesn’t matter is wrong. Our experience is also part of the story of God. We erase anyone’s experience, we become less human ourselves. Our emotional intelligence will be compromised.
This is an illustration of this flaw.
We can’t vote for hate and fear and believe love will be the result.

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