2020 Election Night Thoughts

No matter what happens, I’ve been sent a message that lets me know that four years of reorienting and trusting again were not in vain.
I’ve been thanked for letting the Bible explode. and this person (who who is not Baptist) is cheering on spicy Baptists.

The work remains. I will testify to love with every breath I am given.

Post # 2: The election should not be close. There’s a hole in our gospel we’ve taught. The book “the Hole in our Gospel” shook me up long before I couldn’t resist falling into the shaking- it is speaking to us again!

Now that we know Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have officially won, and Trump is winning southern states, I want to say something about this phenomenon.

The United States is a place that believes abuse is okay. We are used to it, and we think it creates order. And we really don’t care who gets hurt. There are families being torn apart over this. And some parents are choosing the GOP over their own children and grandchildren. By the way, I can see why they’d want to separate their children from abuse. It is abuse. It isn’t something to compromise on-even with family. Boundaries for mental health. It’s not cutting off love. I realized the world my kids lived in didn’t care about them. From soccer to church and then Blake’s school. We walked away and our people said: Bye. People believe a narrative that harms people, and will let loved ones go to keep it.

Tommy Tuberville defeating Doug Jones is such a slap in the face to decency too. He was golfing while Doug was working hard to finish up the campaign. What is happening has nothing to do with hard work. Look at our President who is the first President not to be an essential worker. It’s fear and abuse. The USA will self-harm to prevent equality from happening. It’s truly tragic. And I’m sorry to our children for this legacy they are going to have to work hard to overcome. I believe in our youth.

I was talking to my mentor and friend tonight. The abuse I received trying to get to the truth about pregnancy clinics from the “pro-life”, which is actually anti-abortion group, shook me up. I’m not used to abuse anymore. In the beginning I could take on all of these mean people, who have no desire to hear from me, because I was used to that treatment. It’s what I knew. My world that loves me back right now, and hears me the first time I speak, was shocking to me. But I’m finally at peace trusting it. Thank God. I love them so much, and they are here. I do not look back anymore. I’m not asking why my past didn’t love me or our kids back, because we have been delivered into the arms of love. And because of that, it’s time for me to do the long work of getting trained to participate in the new thing that is being created as a counter-narrative. This story is about love. And I’m learning to take myself seriously enough to do it. The idea of getting credentialed was giving me panic attacks early on. Major imposter syndrome, and I did not know I was going to do this. I just kept saying yes to newly opened doors, and it was fun. I’ve been believing the faith of others. I’m trying to believe their faith in me, too.

There is enough. There’s not enough for our greed, but there is for our need. Overcoming a bad narrative takes time. I don’t know if it’s the bad theology or the conspiracy theories that’s harder to take on. Fox News did a lot of damage. Yes, other media outlets have been sensationalized and not focused on what matters, but Fox News is straight up propaganda. We lost a lot of our village elders to it.

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