Is Insider Trading going on in heaven?

I am looking at Georgia this morning. We need to know that Georgia is not necessarily a red state, they are a voter-suppressed state. Stacey Abrams had her election stolen from her against governor Kemp. But she keeps going and has continued to be a beacon of light for Georgia and all of us who follow her inspirational story. Georgia flipped blue this election, but we have a person throwing a tantrum in office and he is demanding (with no evidence!) a hand-count recount- (I am refraining from my commentary here with all of my strength).
I want to draw attention to Loeffler who is running for Senate in Georgia-another possible insider trader possibly heading back into office. I am so confused by people that vote for crooks. Martha Stewart went to jail for this-did we mean to send her to political office instead? Oklahoma voted for the insider trader too.
There is evidence she insider traded-none for voter fraud, but look who is getting their way. Loeffler and Trump.
Friends, I went to business school. I learned insider trading is a big sin in business, and so is gaining an unfair competitive advantage for your business. The Apprentice comes to mind. And now using the highest office in the land for your businesses. Which violates the Constitution, but there are no rules anymore.
Oklahoma and Georgia are voting for insider traders and think it is good. And no evidence for voter fraud and having to recount is good. I need to talk to my friends who went to law school about lawsuits without evidence. We as a nation better not be paying for this. Oh, but I know better.
What about Lt. Dan Patrick? He is willing to give a million dollars to find voter fraud without evidence! Can we give that money to schools or to help solve homelessness? No! Because we vote for crooks.
When you can’t tell the difference between how unethical businesses are being run -violating all the sins that should make them ethical–and church, never having to repent?!-that is not biblical or ethical at all. We have crossed some lines here and can’t tell which is which.
Now I am going to write about the Holy spirit who is here and she is crying out in the streets right now. I hear her.

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