Why Al Franken’s resignation gives me hope

Friends, I am not proud of our government leaders very often.
The GOP is just terrible. I am not super proud of Democrats either, but the Democrat Party has pockets of light shining through the cracks at times that give me hope a better day will come. One moment is the situation with Al Franken.

Today, Someone tweeted they were upset Al Franken had to resign over a joke while the GOP has all of their very serious sexual predators still in office…..

Okay, Lindsay, breathe.

Friends, women are not objects to keep overlooking when they are objectified and it does not seem serious to you. I am proud of this moment b/c it is a rare moment where we see a leader taking responsibility. Heaven forbid anyone takes any damn responsibility in this nation! Being held accountable is not persecution. Al Franken took responsibility and this can be his legacy now. He had an actual group holding him accountable and he accepted he needed to step down. This was redemption for him and a moment America got to witness leaders doing something really hard. Leaders who were actually serving the people they represent- women and everyone who has been a victim of assault. It is time to create a safer world for everybody. Franken was a decent leader, and it was a terrible time to lose him, but that is also what makes the decision even more powerful. Too many do not do what is right b/c it costs them. Winning is an idol in our culture.

This is a rare moment hearing our govt give voice to women. Our bodies matter. We are not here to be objectified, groped, catcalled, or anything else that is treating us as anything less than human. Women need to learn their worth too. Stop treating other women this way as well. women are some of the worst offenders. Internalized misogyny is a beast.

I wrote this post b/c I have a hard time feeling hopeful some days with our government. It is actually destroying us and that is not me being dramatic. I need to remember these moments to know it is there–the truth that women matter has been voiced by our govt in a moment that would have been easy to overlook, but they did not. We keep going the narrow way. (All of a sudden that has a whole new meaning for me–not who is going to heaven or not!!!!).

Look at all that is happening now. Winning has looked like stepping away: Meghan Markle, Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, Al Franken (taking responsibility and stepping away–that is good news too).

Winning is not about being on top. It is being where love is. Where life happens.

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