Unexpected trip to Oklahoma. My heart has been yearning for rest and a chance to receive some tender care through authentic connection. I am receiving it, and so is the whole family. This is s holy moment.
I have papers to write, but I’m not writing them at this moment. This is a moment calling for presence. I may need help in order to finish school, even with only 2 weeks left. This too is part of not only my ministry training but also learning how to be human .

I am wearing yellow this weekend bc a friend from the sacred music department on Thursday came up to me in a moment that was deep and hard for me, and she said this: excuse me for interrupting, but the yellow you are wearing makes you look like sunshine 🌞 😭 I am feeling sunshine right now through her words.

Then, while I was taking pics of everyone playing football Jake Bruehl asked: Aren’t you playing?
Me: I take pics. That’s my participation.
Then I realized that’s what I always do. I hide behind the camera bc I want to share joy that’s happening in life, but I’m not participating in it—just talking about it. So I played. Y’all, I’m good. I can throw the ball long and pretty accurately. And I retrieved the ball outside the gate and my yoga 🧘‍♂️ skills came in handy. Everyone was so impressed. Lol.

We also had a birthday party for Jake and Blake. Thought we’d get to that this summer. The party is happening now. Look at the cleverness of the cake to make it both 14 and 45. 🎂

Joy and pain, both, call us to presence. People avoid both. Joy bc it is fleeting and pain bc it is hard. To live the fullness of life we accept both.

I’ll leave with this:

Love can build a bridge
Between your heart and mine
Love can build a bridge
Don’t you think it’s time?
Don’t you think it’s time?


Mental health has been my seminary journey. It matters.

Brilliant 14 and 45 cake
Family – Bruehl family

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