Mother Wisdom and Justice

It’s Mother’s Day. Not a day I usually make a big deal about bc it’s complicated.
I remember church services growing up praising moms for all the work they do, but then Father’s Day would be a guilt-trip sermon about a father’s lack of presence. Never mind non-traditional ways of being a family that were never even considered. I want to say this: that’s what the system was designed to do. Make mom’s feel like super women for all the work men did not want to do and then make men feel guilty for their lack of time given to children.

I’m not trying to be a bummer this morning. I love all the mothers who have raised me: biological, in heart, and in spirit. There are too many to name and I hope you know every day how much I love all of you. I want to say something as a mother at large today bc of the state of our world. Things are moving backwards and the church isn’t interrogating itself as to why.

The fact that most churches do not even allow women preachers is a red flag. There is a lack of representation of women in political office too. This all has been in the works so that things like Roe v Wade can be overturned. Which the reason for that is not love for babies; it’s far more sinister and why pro-life hasn’t been pro-life at all. I read the leaked documents about Roe v Wade. Y’all, we are heading toward serious trouble. I can hear the spirit in the words and it’s bad news.

As I’m listening to lawmakers and government officials talk about what the Constitution guarantees without using any nuance or wisdom, I realize we are headed towards a world where women will have no rights again. And women are readily handing their rights over too. That is original intent of our Founding Fathers, isn’t it? Is that gospel? Is that wisdom? Does that provide healing?

Jesus healed on the Sabbath bc wisdom was more important than a flat interpretation of the Law. It was not a move to say the Sabbath did not matter.

Solomon: that court case was decided by wisdom. Where love showed up and revealed what is true. A mother’s love brought justice that day.

It is time for a new conversation. Women matter. Not just on Mother’s Day, or if she is a mother at all.

I hope this mother’s wisdom brings some thought on this day.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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