Let’s Consider the Age

Y’all, we need gun legislation, no doubt, but due to the circumstances my family is under, I want to bring up another really important point: the age of the people who are doing the school shootings.

I read a report that shows that 70% of the school shootings since 1999 have been carried out by people under 18. This is something to really dig deep into and consider. Think about the Tik Tok challenge and the damage done to schools. The slap your teacher challenge too. The list goes on.

The kids have not been given a future to live into by the adults who should be guiding them and it shows. The school board meetings and the absolute abuse against public school educators is a sin. It is time for a culture change. And now!

Kids are becoming violent in our schools in a variety of ways and that is not being addressed. Teachers are fleeing public education for good reason. And the system is not considering how it perpetuates this problem by not working together. The individualism that allows us to blame a person is killing the people who did not want to give up.

My heart weeps for the loss in Ulvade. I have been advocating change for years and I will not stop. There are a lot of things happening at the intersection of this latest tragedy–including personally. It is time to look within to see why the kids are not okay.

They are spiritually dry. Spiritual violence is violence. It is time to take that more seriously and stop the spread of trauma. We are spreading trauma by not recognizing it.

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