We Demand Change Now

I’m a public school advocate. I’m connected to several advocacy groups and my family works in the system. With that said, there’s rot in the system. It is not bc of the schools—it’s who we are as a community and as a nation. We are a group of people who would rather watch people fall than help advocate for them. Everything we once knew/believed might have to crumble in order to do that. And our comfort zone will be gone. It requires risk and trust and it doesn’t matter who the person is that you are advocating for. Everyone needs advocates. That’s what the Holy Spirit reveals to us. Go and do likewise.

It’s one thing if the person doesn’t want help, that happens, and there’s nothing you can do but try to stop them if they are causing harm. But even then, it takes action to find out if that’s true. It takes noticing and caring.

I have been loosely collecting data on what is happening to public school teachers in the classroom; I’m stunned. Private school and homeschooling parents are not exempt from responsibility here. What affects one, affects us all. The ability to attend private school or homeschool is only afforded to a few. Your lives will be harmed if public schools fail, and they will if we do not CHANGE.

Earlier this month I thought I was done with everything. People are rotten, and I had no more energy for this betrayal that has come to meet us once again. Communal betrayal is the worst kind of betrayal. What I’ve seen and learned cannot be unseen or unheard. What people are capable of doing to each other —even if it’s silence—is so violent. We are not going to be quiet.

It did not kill us though. Now we know a lot more and are more resolved to demand change, and we demand it NOW.

Look at the age of this shooter. This age is not uncommon in all our schools shootings (and there are many). He waited until he was legally able to buy a gun to do this. Laws do work! Also, to say more police on campus misses the fact police failed in Uvalde. But even if they hadn’t, you are asking police to kill teens who have become so violent bc of white supremacy and lack of resources for their mental health. That’s not good for the police mentality either. This is traumatizing everyone. I can also testify that kids who are having negative interactions with police are not dealing with that well. It doesn’t help them. And it doesn’t help teachers to have negative interactions with police either. Shackles and chains are signs of a low moral creative imagination.

Our kids are living as if there is no hope bc we are telling then that story.

The whole is crumbling.

I have posted several times about the passage in Mark 5 with the man in the tombs. He was unwell and crying out. He was ignored by his community bc the shackles and chains they put on him previously no longer worked, and the community was too tired to deal with him now. Can’t be bothered too much. The man was ailed by the Roman militarization of his society. We know this is true bc he named what had a hold on him.

Enter Jesus.

Jesus cared and wasn’t the least bit concerned about the economy. Jesus sure wouldn’t care about the gun industry in the USA. Just like he allowed the unclean spirit to enter the hogs, he’ll send the unclean spirit in the USA into the gun industry. This industry has so many crying out for healing but are instead met with an apathetic community and uncaring lawmakers.

The Bruehls aren’t going anywhere. For such a time as this. Teachers do not deserve to have to deal with violent kids either. They are disrespectful and undisciplined. It’s time for change.

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