A Christmas Carol in reverse

Circle around friends, I have a cool story to tell. Another narrative where love is taking over where there was once a deep ache.

Today is Kimbo and Lindsay day. The first half we spent doing our own things in solitude.

I went to get my nails done at the Sachse Nail Bar, because this is my place. I went here for the first time when the storm was raging and my body was giving out. This place met me exactly where I needed them to meet me. I remember vividly the massage that brought me to tears because it felt so good. My body had felt so much violence for weeks and this was sweet relief. Emotional abuse is hard on the body. I do not share this for pity or for any other agenda other than to raise awareness that emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse. Therapists and mental health professionals are saying this too.

Anyway, today was so lovely to go feeling a calmness my body has not felt in quite some time. The massage today was just continued goodness as goodness has been flooding my body lately. Praise be to God.

I was going to do clear nails, though, but my technician talked me into a color. So I did red like her nails, but with gold sparkles on top—total enneagram 4 vibe but also a New Years Eve/Day fun look. I am happy she talked me into this. I listen to the professionals. 🙂

Since I was feeling so good after getting my nails done and receiving a massage, I decided to get my hair trimmed too. This is where I really want you to lean in and listen to the story.

I went to a location in Wylie that takes walk-ins, and it is the same place that trimmed my hair right before I left Texas for good. I even had the same woman trim my hair. Glory! It was fun talking about New Years and our plans. Both of us have very relaxed plans. Here is our dialogue.

Her: I am just going to cook and spend time relaxing.
Me: That sounds divine. May 2023 be a year of relaxation and gentleness.
Another voice: A voice from another chair who I cannot see yet: AMEN!
My stylist: Yes! We have had enough bad years. Let 2023 be a good year.

And we all said “Amen!”

That was quite a moment, but it was topped when I stood up after my hair cut was done. I heard:


Me: (looks at the person in the other chair in complete astonishment. It was like seeing a ghost because I had not seen this person in years). OH MY GOSH, LYDIA!

It was Lydia Osvald, friends. My Sachse peeps will know who I am talking about. I went to her and we hugged so tightly, even with her in the chair.

Lydia: How are you? How is Oklahoma? I am so sorry for all you have been through. You and your family are dearly loved.

Y’all, I am in tears writing this. This is not a person I expected to see and receive such a wam embrace from. And to hear your pain named, validated, and cared about is everything a hurting heart and spirit needs.

What a gift.

It is like I am experiencing living spirits of my past, present, and future. But they are showing me life has been, is, and will be good.

Praise be to God.

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