Healing words from a rabbi

I have decided to make a return to Twitter, but lightly. I am returning cautiously, curiously, and with more wisdom—that was my first post. I can already tell I am different in that space now too, and it feels weird. I knew I would be different, because I am different. Trauma changes your brain. Any time you do not receive love and care you expect from people and systems, it will change your brain. But you know what else changes your brain?

HEALING! I will never be what I once was—none of us will ever be—but I can restore and return after the work of healing is sufficient and I feel ready.

Glennon is in the midst of being treated for anorexia, and she is talking about it real time. I need to do this too. I am being treated for this trauma and I want to raise awareness of systemic abuse. It is time to end it. If we were just a one-off, sucks-to-be-us situation, I would probably not share so much. But the thing is, we are not. We just happen to be cycle breakers. Wrong targets. I know what trauma is and I would have seen this from a mile away. This will probably be a way I can help systems that actually want to heal.

I know the source of my trauma right now and that is huge a benefit to my healing process. I will heal much faster this time around because I know what it is and what I am working on. The system causing the harm needs to do the same. Both/and. You don’t get a pass. And I can say this confidently because a faith healer I am listening to right now, Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, just happened to write an incredible piece on Leviticus 13 addressing this very thing. I will include the article in this post. Please read it and take it to heart.

People like me are not to be feared, we are the people who are needed. For such a time as this.

On Twitter Rabbi Ruttenberg sent me love and healing for however long it takes, and in whatever way it is possible. Isn’t that so kind? This is why I went back. It is easier to talk to my favorite faith leaders there. I receive her words and they did a world of good for me today.

I have subscribed to her free edition of her ”Life is a Sacred Text” substack. When we get more on our feet financially, I will pay for more. So for now, I will do my part and share her work, because people need to know about it.

Here is the article and I copied a couple of sections that seemed to be talking to me directly. But please read the whole thing—it has a word for ALL of us to consider.


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