Love Grows Best in Little Houses

You know how the universe can feel like it is talking to you directly? Today I had an undeniable moment with her that is so real and beyond any words I can form adequately to describe the feeling of what happened this morning.

First, I have decided Beanstalk is now my Saturday morning routine to create a new spiritual rhythm for my body as I begin to become fully present to my life in Oklahoma. La Madeleine was the last place that served me in this capacity.

Second, April Dismuke there was a woman at Beanstalk who looked so much like you. I kept checking your facebook pictures to see if it was. But this woman did not seem to know me, and I think you would have known me even looking like the hot mess I did this morning. Ha! Also, if you ever come to Beanstalk on 36th Street in Norman, you better call me. 🙂

Third, and the wildest part of all, look at the picture that has the frame with the lyrics from a song. This is what stopped me in my tracks on my way out and made my heart almost burst.

Those are lyrics from a song by Doug Stone called “Little Houses.” Y’all, that song became my vision of everything I wanted out of life when I was graduating college the first time. When I was trying to envision what kind of life I wanted now that I get to make these choices. I told my sorority sisters about this too. Not sure any of them remember, but I did voice that I wanted a life like the one in Doug’s song. I bought the single—remember those?!—and listened to it over and over. Just like I do every time I find a song that sings my soul’s song. This was the beginning of me doing that with songs.

I have not thought about that song in years. I even forgot it existed. So, as I am walking out and I see this picture in the Cottage room with those words, I literally lost my breath. This is not a common song 🎵 and I have never seen it out in public on anything before. It also made me realize I do live in this kind of house, in a way. It is not a sad street, it is a lovely street, but there are very few walls. Love has grown exponentially in this house because we see each other so much more. Here I am, right after my second graduation—with my MDiv, and this song shows up again.

As I walked out the doors, quite stunned by this sighting, I could hear the universe (God) saying: You have the life you always wanted, Lindsay. Right now. Live into this truth. You are loved. This is what you told me you wanted. Now you can create a cozy space for others to grow this kind of love, whatever love looks and feels like to them, too.

… “But you know, love grows best in little houses
With fewer walls to separate
Where you eat and sleep so close together
You can’t help but communicate
Oh, and if we had more room between us, think of all we’d miss
Love grows best, in houses just like this”

beanstalk #spiritualrhythm #honeylavendarlatte #love #littlehouses #dougstone #spiritualconnection

This is where my heart skipped a beat

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