No Lent 2023

I am skipping Lent this year.

I say this feeling the weight of my words, even though I never participated in Lent until 2016. It is the season that led me back to church. I learned lamenting is just as holy as praising—half of scripture is a lament. I learned how to let go and acknowledge that I am going to die, and how to live more deeply and fully with that knowledge.

It is a holy and sacred season, and I am glad it is on the church calendar. It belongs.

But I am passing this year.

Our lives have felt like Lent for way too long. Especially once May got here. I am seeing how the helpers in our society are the ones going to the cross way too much, and it is time for systemic change. This is my resistance.

I want to spend these next 40 days learning how to and teaching people how to LIVE in a Lent world.

I learned this in my trauma work too. Where do you still have some power to make a choice to keep going?

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